Hips dysplasie


with the permission of the author of research Ignacio Doadrio and the editor of this part of the article Jurgend Klaus Martinez (https://puertocanencia.webnode.es / displasia-genetica/ )


We know currently a gene linked to the hips dysplasie, Exon 30 of gene Fibrillin 2. The presence of this gene of a way homozygote produces a dysplasie of hip.
Gene Fibrillin 2 is reason of hips dysplasie and other problems which corrupt the functionality of Mâtin
It isn't the unique gene responsible for the dysplasie, but one of the most important,
A- degree dysplasie at the indemmes dogs of gene (named AA)

all are X-rayed A or B


B-degree dysplasie at the bearing dogs hétérozygotes (named AB):

Indemmes 63 % dysplasie (degree A or B)
25 % Displasie D or E

It is possible to underline that 75 % of copies hétérozygotes won't introduce problems which touch daily life, while they introduce a light dysplasie of rank C



C-degré dysplasie at the bearing dogs homozygotes (named BB)

More than 75% are dysplasiques among who 35% introduce a serious dysplasie E or medium D 



in summary:


Homozygotes AA: don't introduce and don't transmit a dysplasie

Hétérozygotes AB: most don't introduce problems but are bearing and are 50 % of risk of transmitting gene in their offspring.

HOMOZYGOTES BB: the majority are dysplasiques and transmit gene systematically in their products.


thanks to Ignacio and Klaus.